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The Red Meal: The Housle

It is a common part of many religious traditions to partake in a small, sacrificial meal at the end of the rite or ceremony. We, too, participate in a Eucharistic tradition of imbibing en-spirited wine and consuming en-spirited grain as representations of sacrifice needed for the magic we have performed. In many witchcraft traditions, this… Continue reading The Red Meal: The Housle

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Liber Qayin — complete text

In the summer of 2013, as we headed into Lammas, Natalie and Laurelei received this work. It is a channeled gospel given to us freely. Though we have made available printed versions of this text, we feel strongly that it needs to be publicly available to those who need it. (c) 2013 Asteria Books The… Continue reading Liber Qayin — complete text

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The Watchers

The Watchers, or Grigori, are ancient angelic beings associated with stellar lore that watch over witches. They are sometimes envisioned as the Watchtowers of the witch’s circle. In the stellar cults of Mesopotamia there were fourstars known as Lords or Watchers. Each of these stars “ruled” over a cardinal point of the compass, circa 3000… Continue reading The Watchers

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Widdershins, Sunwise, and Calling the Circle

Because we have set out to make this a family tradition, sometimes our daughter comes to us with questions that we have taken for granted.  Earlier this week she asked us about what widdershins means and what it is used for. Widdershins (sometimes withershins, widershins or widderschynnes) means to take a course opposite the apparent… Continue reading Widdershins, Sunwise, and Calling the Circle

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Familiars and Familiar Spirits

Woodcut depicting witches giving the names of their familiars. Witchcraft, as we have said before, is a kind of survival or revival of ancient European shamanism.  Just as shamans work with totemic spirits and spirit guides, so do we work with our familiars and familiar spirits. A familiar is a creature that regularly helps a… Continue reading Familiars and Familiar Spirits

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Treading the Mill

Once you have the compass laid, it is time to begin the magical work. But how does one act when in the circle?  In Wicca movement is always clockwise 'round the circle, but in Traditional Craft movement can be deosil or widdershins, depending on the rite.  Also there is a particular form of movement by… Continue reading Treading the Mill

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Witch Marks, Witch Blood, and the Kuthun

Witch Marks Some witches are born with a special mark upon them that singles then out as a person gifted with power.  Some traditional variations on this mark include: a specially shaped birthmark, a supernumerary nipple, polydactylism, red hair, extra teeth, and being born with a caul (a portion of the birth sac over the… Continue reading Witch Marks, Witch Blood, and the Kuthun

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Spider Messages

Consider the future you are weaving. Does it include your biggest dreams? -Spider While Spider is not one of the monthly totems of the AFW Tradition, it still has much to teach us about life. Spider Traits Patience Receptivity Fate Creation/Creativity Engineering/Construction Connections Language/Alphabets Choices   Spiders are to be found all over the world,… Continue reading Spider Messages

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Traditional Coven Officers

There were several "old traditional" offices of a coven. Here are the ones that I am familiar with. Witch Queen: Headline of many covens. Has raised successful practicing Dames and/or Magisters. Marked by a crown. Witch King: Headline of many covens. Has raised successful practicing Dames and/or Magisters. Marked by The Grand Array. Dame: female… Continue reading Traditional Coven Officers